NFC Products

near field communication

RainRocks offers customizable NFC products, including phone tap and QR code-enabled cards, stickers, and signs. These versatile solutions enable quick, contactless data sharing, enhancing customer engagement and streamlining transactions. Benefits include improved efficiency, modernized networking, and seamless information exchange. Our products can be personalized with custom designs and engravings to reflect your brand. Elevate your business with our tailored NFC solutions, perfect for marketing, networking, and everyday operations.

What are NFC Products?

NFC (Near Field Communication) products enable contactless data exchange between devices. Benefits include quick, secure transactions, improved customer engagement, and enhanced convenience. Ideal for marketing, networking, and payments, NFC products like cards, stickers, and signs streamline interactions, boost efficiency, and modernize business operations.

What are the Benefits of NFC Products?

NFC products offer numerous benefits for companies. In networking, they enable instant contact sharing and seamless data exchange. For convenience, NFC streamlines transactions and access control, reducing wait times. In marketing, NFC enhances customer engagement through interactive experiences and targeted promotions. Additionally, NFC products improve operational efficiency, facilitate inventory management, and support secure, cashless payments. Overall, they modernize business processes and elevate the customer experience.


What do NFC Products cost?

Custom NFC products in Ireland are competitively priced. Basic NFC stickers and tags start at €2 each for bulk orders. Custom NFC cards range from €80 to €200 per card, depending on materials and quantity. Advanced NFC signs and displays start at €100. Personalized engraving and bespoke designs may incur additional costs. Contact us for a tailored quote based on your specific requirements and order volume.